Back to Bloggin’

We have gotten mighty tied up in our new YouTube Channel and producing weekly shows that we have forgotten to truly blog!

So, here I am!

This winter has been long and brutal and all I can do anymore is dream about warmer weather. And spring fashion.

As we have discussed in several of our videos, there are plenty of new spring fashion trends headed our way.

The one I am most excited about is: wide leg pants! I used to not care for this look AT ALL but I am so ready to squeeze out of my skinny jeans and into some nice and comfy wide legs. My favorite part about this trend is that they look good with WEDGES. Which I am also very obsessed with. Wide leg pants+ wedges= mile high long legs and a great silhouette. Um, yes please!

I love these wide leg pants from The Gap for $69.50. So, they are a little pricey but I think it is ok to splurge on a staple item like jeans.

I actually bought these Forever 21 wedges a few weeks ago. They were only $26.80!! These babies are so cute and comfortable AND go with absolutely everything.

Now I just need the nice weather to wear them in…


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