What do I get my.. Girlfriend?!

“Oh, it doesn’t matter! I can’t really think of anything I want!”

Sound like your girlfriend? Well, your girlfriend’s a cheap liar. (kidding)

But to speak for some-if not most-girls, Christmas presents do matter. A gift’s importance isn’t in its material worth, rather in the way that you are giving something from the heart. You are warming up a nice cold evening in December with a heartfelt gift. Don’t spend too much, because there are plenty of very thoughtful gift ideas that will save you a little dough for Valentine’s Day!

Jewelry is a classic gift idea. Give your gal something she can wear everyday and think fondly of you! Check out these jewelry sites, which have a little something for everyone:



Delamina.com (a little fancier)

14K earrings, $105 at wendyculpepper.com

For the resourceful and fun-loving gal:  What about a flask? You can even get it engraved!

Amazon.com has a great selection.

Eflask.com – another good option.

Bonus! She’ll make a great date at baseball games!

Glorious, engravable flasks at Amazon, and Eflask.com

This present is great for a new relationship too:  Concert Tickets! A show is something to be enjoyed together.

How about:  A coat, scarf, or gloves?  There is something so sweet about keeping your lady warm in more ways this winter.

For the gift that will keep on giving:  How about a Flower of the Month sent to your flower?

If still feel like you need more gift ideas, contact us! Tell us a little bit about your gal and we’ll be happy to help!

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