Killing time before an audition last week, I wandered into Victoria Secrets for a PB J (panty-browsing jaunt).

Before I could meander to the less expensive PINK section, I was greeted by a large display of bras claiming to be “The Miraculous Push Up Bra” collection. I picked one up to examine. The padding on this bra was beyond outrageous. I called a saleswoman over and asked her where the boob even fit with that much padding. She explained that it would rest on top of the padding inside a little indentation. She said it was the highest selling bra at the moment and that she owned three.

I just had to try this thing on.

So, I did.

And I fell in love.

All of a sudden I was transformed from just another 20 something girl walking in SoHo to a total BABE with boobs so big I should finally name them. This feeling was awesome. I put my simple grey t-shirt on over the bra (aka my new best friend) and it actually looked… eh…dare I say… sexy!! I spent 15 minutes in the dressing room trying to figure out of the mirror was rigged or if this bra really did grant miracles.

I checked the price tag.

It was $49.50… a bit much for my Kisster budget.

However, this one item had just turned my day inside out. It made me feel empowered and womanly. Was it worth my 50 bucks?

You BET! This bra gets an XOXO.

Want to know what YOU would look like in the Miraculous Push Up Bra? Just insert your face here:

push up

I left the store with 50 bucks less in my pocket but with a whole new attitude.

Now I  understand why Victoria Secret models are always smiling.


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