Giving thanks to Clean Sheets!

First of all, today I just have to thank my lucky stars:

that it’s the weekend. There is no better feeling than waking up at your normal weekday time, realizing it is Saturday, and rolling back over and far away from that clock!

(thanks, but no thanks, clock!)

Weekends are lovely despite some chores that just have to be done. I am dreading hiking down and then back up 6 flights of stairs, just to get my laundry. But when I really thought about this, I remembered the most wonderful thing of all:  Clean. Sheets. Now, THAT is a feeling that will make people universally say ‘mmmmmmmmm’ in agreement.

The countdown is just 12 days until Thanksgiving, so on this preview of giving-thanks, I salute you, clean sheets! I know you’ll be worth the trek.




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