A brand’s ‘evolution’ that’s got us all excited..

I read this week that a few Starbucks locations in the company’s hometown of Seattle are beginning to sell beer and wine – it was mentioned in the NY Post that they had begun experimenting with alcohol sales in July 2009; and just recently USA Today reports that even more stores will add beer and wine to their menu .

Some may see this as a ‘recession-thing’ for Starbucks, to try and boost themselves up out of a rut and to attract new business. But brand expert Scott Bedbury, who was marketing chief for both Starbucks and Nike in the 90’s sees their menu expansion to wine and beer as an evolution of the Starbucks brand. “Brands have to evolve or die,” he says. “It’s a tall order. But if anyone can pull it off, it will be Starbucks.” (quote from USA Today – Oct. 19th)

In New York, coffee shops are such social hubs – it’s a great meeting place with ample seating, good enough background music, and a public restroom. If you need to get out of the house to do some reading, studying, or work on your computer – You always know that Starbucks will have wifi and a beverage you know and love.

Sometimes though, this particular Kisster is not in the mood for all that coffee after work, and on the flip side of the coin, the thought of even saying ‘Chammomile’ out loud makes me *yawn.* (Read that without yawning!)

It makes so much sense to be able to have a wider choice of beverage options after 4pm. Sometimes Coffee just doesn’t cut it.

What do YOU think? If Starbucks started selling alchohol and more food options past a certain hour, would you reap the benefits? I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts!

XOXO and Cheers!




  1. Nelson

    I think they need to change it up, people need different options. Look at successful franchises like McDonald’s, their menu’s have evolved so much every few years– they’re the largest chain in the world!

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