Chunky Knits


Recap (according to New York Magazine) of the the 12 fall fashion trends you can expect to see this season:

1. Capes

2. Butterscotch Neutrals

3. Busy Patterns

4. Highland Plaids

5. Boxy Bags

6. Little Black Dress

7. Fur/Faux Fur Trim

8. Thigh High Leggings/socks

9. Blazers

10. Fur on Shoes

11. Chunky Knits

12. Relaxed on top/ Party on Bottom

The only time it is OK to use the word “chunky” to describe yourself is when you are talking about your sweater– especially this season! Your bulky-cold-day childhood sweater is now in style! And how happy are we about this? It is a rare thing that you can be both warm and fashionable once the winter winds start to whistle. Hooray!

Here are some examples:

(however we are not digging the middle option!)


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