Twinkle Lights

At times it feels like we fill our blog with odes. Odes to parents, odes to unwanted house guests, and of course every week we sing the praises of each Thursday concoction..

But today I focus my attention to a wonderful decorating tool that is sometimes forgotten during times of the year that don’t rhyme with ‘Mistmas.’ Ahh, I keed.. but really – what do you do year-round with your beautiful white ‘twinkle lights’ as they like to be called?

Currently we have a set winding up the odd pole in our living room that does nothing but make the occasional hissing noise in the winter months. Not only do the white lights give it a touch of ‘class,’ but their prominence in the room serves as another source of lamp light during these increasingly shorter days.

An idea I remember from back in my Martha Stewart subscription days is putting a bundle of them in a large glass mason jar:


The folks at have the right idea.

Twinkle lights can also look lovely around a window, especially if you have a gauzy linen or sheer cotton to drape around it. has this fancy version of what we like!

If you have any other creative white light ideas you like – send them our way. Our Pops will surely be stocking up post-Christmas at  Big K this year after he reads our resourceful post!



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