Cooking with Class

Birthdays can be so fun! Birthday presents.. can sometimes be challenging. Especially when you want to get a very special gift, and the recipient of your love and attention is also a good gift giver.

Well, if you have a dear friend or family member who is a cooking/eating/wine/beer/mixology aficionado, then how about a class?

I found the International Culinary institute to have a great range of classes they offered, all at around $100. From Cocktail Party fare, to Comfort Italian pastas, to the Essentials of Japanese (which I chose) – you have a wonderful array of cuisines and different evenings from which to choose.

Most classes are over 4 hours, and not only do you cook and cook (and eat what you cook!) they will pair beverages with the cuisine, so you are really making an evening out of it.

Here are some great sites I found for cooking classes in and around New York City.

For food and some boozing:

International Culinary Institute

French Culinarty Institute

for boozing and some food..

Bottle Rocket Wine and Spirit

Astor Center










Thanks,, for the delicious photo!

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