Thirsty Thursday the Fourth – DETOX

This week, our livers simply cannot take another video..

Today is my birthday (AK) and ample celebrating awaits me this weekend. Labor Day Weekend is also on the horizon – and how can you bbq without a brew or a few?

So! In prep for all of these fun festivities, it is only fitting we celebrate the return of our favorite detox elixir known to man.. Kombucha!

If you are also in New York City and have a penchant for slightly-vinegar tasting beverages that make you feel AMAZING, then you’ve probably noticed the recent shortage.

Well, last night I stopped by my favorites Charles’ Street Bodega, and saw all the G.T.’s Kombucha flavors stacked neatly in their fridge, glistening in florescent light. They are back and packing a punch – helping us restore some healthy behaviors before an epic weekend.

It is suggested that Kombucha Tea contains antioxidants, that fight off free radicals:

They also contain probiotics – great for your digestive system.

And you gotta love those ‘live active enzymes’ – described as ‘spark plugs!’ for your body’s cells.

These lovely drinks can go for $4.50 a pop – but when you consider what you’d pay for a beer in the city, doesn’t the fact that you’re saving a little dough and being kind to your body make you want to smile?



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