The New Normals

I came across a very informative article on recently:  The Five ‘New Normals’ That Really Will Stick. Written by Fortune’s Ninhai Tseng, the piece is a great reflection on the recession of late and how Americans are forced to consider the ‘new normals’ that are part of how we live these days.

Tseng writes, ‘It’s not easy to change Americans’ financial habits permanently, and ‘new normals’ don’t always last. Fortune found five that just might stick, at least for a while.’ Check out the full article at:

For us Kissters, we’ve prided ourselves in always being frugal. Two of the ‘new normals’ that really stuck out to me were ‘Saving Over Spending’ and ‘Staycations over Vacations.’

I thought I’d elaborate on those two topics and how to follow these ‘Normals’ with a creative approach.

Saving over Spending

Fortune says, ‘ ..[I]f we’re more responsible spenders after we emerge from this economic malaise, we’ll save ourselves some more pain in the future.’

Here are some ways we save:  

Use Grooveshark or Pandora to check out new music before you buy the entire album

Cooking over take out

Or – take out over eating out!

Wait ‘til it goes on sale

Buy off brand

Pack your lunch

Tap over bottled water

Staycations over Vacations

Fortune says, ‘With high unemployment and a preference for saving more as possible mainstays of the U.S. economy, more of us are also likely to vacation closer to home.’

Here are some ways to make your ‘Staycation’ even more enjoyable:

Picnics – Indoor and Outdoor

Movie Marathons

A Potluck dinner with friends

A daytrip somewhere close by that you’ve never visited

Take a class – wine and beer tastings, as well as cooking classes are everywhere and you can buy only 1 session; you don’t have to do a full series

Buy fresh flowers for your bedroom. Instant escape.

Thank You,, for the photo!

One Comment

  1. Claire

    Great article to mention. I tried to read the full version on CNN but couldn’t get past the new normal “long-term unemployment.” Just too depressing and too true.
    Better stick with my saving over spending!

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