So Fresh

Attention College Freshmen:

When you think you have packed everything for your departure into college (AKA the most fun years of your life)– think again.

Some likely “forgotten” items:

1. Power strips: you WILL find yourself charging your phone, curling your hair, powering your MAC, and blending a Tuesday night Margarita all at the same time. You’re a college freshman now which means you’ll be multi-tasking with the best of them. Get cha self a power strip so you can do so– just don’t blow a fuse!

2. Wall puddy/double sided stick tape: You’ve packed the 100’s of posters, collages, and pictures of your bff’s, but do you have what it takes to hang them? (the pictures, not your friends) A lot of dorms have a “no tac, no nail” policy so be sure to bring a lot of these “mounting” items to decorate you room.

3. Dress up clothes. No, I am not talking about the see-through sequined top you bought for upperclassman parties (but feel free to bring that too). I am talking about the fun dress-up trunk you thought you retired when you were five. Think: boas, cowboy hats, costumes, etc. College is just another word for “themed parties” and you’ll want to be prepared. However, dressing up ANY night of the week is also acceptable and just as fun.

So continue packing… and have fun with it!


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