Do YOU want to throw the kind of party your friends will be talking about this time NEXT year! ?

Yes, us too!

Well, we donned our party hats (much like thinking caps but more fun..) and brainstormed some fun theme-party ideas, as well as some fun and inexpensive ways to make your next party memorable.


Get Laid:  Luau Theme party

All you need are leis, some tropical drinks (anything with pineapple or citrus) and tiki torches if you are outside. Bonus:  a friend who plays the ukulele to serenade your guests.

Early 90’s Party
Think – slap bracelets, New Kids, even go all out with the junk food of your youth! Bagel Bites, Fruit Roll Ups, and Cheeze Wiz. Sadly, Zima is only produced and sold in Japan these days.

White Party
Just in time for Labor Day and the end of summer. Everyone wears white for the last hurrah of summer and before wearing it becomes gauche. Steer clear of red punch and red wine. Wheat beers with orange, white wines/champage, and vodka gimlets are de-white-ful. 🙂

Pirate Party
This relies mainly on your friends’ willingness to don eye-patches, ripped off at the knee khakis, shoulder-dwelling parrots, and to speak in pirate voices all night. Lime in all cocktails to avoid scurvy, ARG!

Some fun and inexpensive party additions –
– A Karaoke Machine/or Karaoke Game on Sony Playstation
-Anything that GLOWS – try these bracelets! Oriental Trading Company

Now, call up your friends and have fun y’all!


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