Au revoir 9 to 5!

My little sis left the glamorous job of temping at my office in the same sea of cubicles in which I reside this week. She’s moving back into her routine of filming The Good Wife as Will Gardner’s assistant. Yeah, I know… tough life.

So in order to celebrate her jump back into the routine of rubbing elbows with slightly more beautiful people wearing business casual only as costumes, I bought her a little ‘parting gift.’

For the low, low price of $12.00 and free inflation – Hallmark provided me with two embarrassingly huge balloons to tie to her chair all day and then bring out to celebratory drinks at the Rink Bar after work.

Balloons make a great office gag gift that provides optimum embarrassment (you can see these from a mile away), while still acknowledging your best wishes for the balloons’ recipient.

Good luck back at the Good Wife, Claudia! Us drones will be watching for you.



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