What does MTA stand for?

The month is nearly coming to an end and that means my metro card experiment is almost over!

Here’s an update: Despite twisting my ankle mid-month, I believe I am going to make it to July without adding any more money on my card! (pause for dramatic effect)

When I “swiped” this morning I was at $24.00. There are only 6 days left in the month and I average about 1 ride a day.

So: 6 x $2.50 a ride = $15.00 worth of rides left.

$24.00-$15.00 = $9.00. $9.00/$2.50 a ride = 3.6 rides left which rounds down to 3 rides.

THAT means I will most likely have 3 rides left over. Not to mention an extra $30 in my pocket I saved from the regular $89 unlimited monthly metro card.

Another perk I have noted is that having limited money on my card as encouraged me to walk more. More exercise= happier body. Happier body= happier girl. Happier girl is good for EVERYONE.

I’m excited to finish up this week and see if I can prove my experiment to be MostTerrificallyAwesome!


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