It's Father's Day! A Poem for Dad

If we’re going to write an Ode to our rodent house guest, we may as well honor the man who helped raise us on his special day.

Dad, this poem’s for you. Hope you also liked the handmade Kisster-card (below.)

1 Father, Father, tis your day.

2 Relax and throw your cares away.

3 Today is when we honor you.

4 And all those dad-like things you to.

5 Like weed and garden

6 Wash the car

7 Plunge the toilet

8 Mow the yard

9 Feed the cat

10 Pay the bills

11 Fix the truck

12 Get the gas refilled

13 Wash the dishes

14 Lock up the house

15 Set the trap

16 When there’s a mouse

17 Woah! You do A LOT

18 Dad, you’re the best

19 Better than all dads—

20 Above the rest!

21 But today if you’re bored

22 You workin’ machine

23 Please consider

24 Lines five through sixteen.

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