Le Maid Francaise


Another great wine find in the Kissters 15 under 15. At this point though, we’re realizing it will be tough time limiting the series to just 15 wines.. Lushes, stay tuned..

This week we found the French Maid Pinot Noir on sale at our local liquor store marked down from $15.00 to $9.99. The packaging alone was enticing enough.

This tempting little tartlette lived up to her name. She was light and smooth, and not too watery as we have found in other Pinot Noirs we try to experiment with on a budget.

We hated it, of course.. evidence below.

If you are looking for a lighter wine for your dinner or post-dinner movie night, this lovely find gets an XOX.



    hey,i love the idea behind this blog and will be following. i want to try this wine it sounds amazing.p.s. goodluck on that metro card thing, i will try to do the same because it is walking season here in nyc and it will help me save A LOT of money


    i adore the bottle design, so cute! yay, i'm you're 100th follower 🙂 lovely blog! hope you're having a wonderful week ♥

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