Don't Be So Metro

Running late this morning, I swiped my Metro Card and approached the subway turnstile with force. As I barreled ahead, I read too late the two words New Yorkers’ dread most on a humid Tuesday morning commute: Insufficient Fare.
Before I verbalized my frustration of the four-letter variety, I decided I would make this unfortunate situation into a Kisster experiment.

Since I moved to New York City, each month I’ve had to cough up $89 to purchase an ‘Unlimited Metro Pass.’ But with all the nice weather approaching and my new ‘walk to work’ fitness plan, perhaps I won’t have to use the full $89 dollars on the card.

So starting today for the month of June – I am going to see just how far $60 on my Metro Card will take me. My goal is to make it the full month. If so, I will be saving $30 on transportation this month, which can amount to 2 bottles of wine under $15, 3 manicures at Spa Season, or 15 coffees at our beloved Joe.

Wish me luck.



  1. Maia

    every day my parents have to give me a new metro card! i lose mine too much. I have a goal of taking every single train from the first to the last stop this summer :). maybe i'll bump into ya!

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