Glee-ful Friday Night

Happy Friday of Memorial Day weekend everyone! Normally on a rainy Friday with so many new movie options and their yummy offerings: Sex N’ the City (glitz) Prince of Persia (ABS); we’d be trying to swing a sneak-in double feature.

But our amazing roommate Molly hooked us up with tickets to Radio City Music Hall to see the sold-out Glee cast show, and we are beyond excited. Roommate bonding and Madonna covers? YES! Full report to follow..


  1. Poppy

    OH MY GOODNESS! LUCKY!! I saw glee live and it was AMAZING. They sound exactly the same as on the tv show. Tell Kurt I love him!Love Poppy

  2. Really Petite

    Thanks for visiting my blog:) I love your blog and glad I found it!!!I'm a follower now!! :)


    awww, you guys are SO lucky! glee is amazing 🙂 i really love it, it's so refreshing and different from everything else out there! and the glee cast are incredibly talented 🙂

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