An Ode to Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9th. Please, call your mom!

In honor of the lovely woman who we know will read this as she checks for her daily Kisster update (hi, Mom!) we decided to write an Ode to Mom.


Thank you for the home-cooked meals and driving us to games.
Thanks for making us drink our milk even when we whined, ‘So lame!’

With gratitude we’ll say,
we’d be no where today:
Without your love,
without your nagging,
and without those lunches you spent mornings bagging.

Thank you for believing we can do anything we try
Thanks for being the first one that we run to when we cry.

No mater how tall we grow,
We always look up to you – you know.
You are your daughters’ hero
Others next to you are ‘zero.’

You’re the best Mom in all the land
So we’ll celebrate Sunday with flowers in hand.
We’ll gush and sing and cook you a meal,
About those dishes?
Well, Dad can deal.

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