Oh, Baby!

A busy weekend has left us with many excuses for not washing the hair!

However, we are not about to show up to brunch looking like the grease-train just pulled into the station.

Here is the Kissters’ fail-safe method for giving yourself one more day before washing:

Just take baby power, sprinkle a small amount just around your roots and comb through. It soaks up all you do not want in there and will hold you over until your next shampoo.

We’ve found too that if you follow it up with a blast of heat from your blow-dryer, it helps diffuse the baby powder throughout, and rejuvenates flat locks.


  1. Boomka

    This is probably not going to endear me to you (especially considering the poof of quaf I have on top of my head) but my barber convinced me to switch to the once a week hair wash. I feel gross telling people this but I do notice my hair looks like a burning bush. Now that I am writing this I think I will keep these facts to myself. But I will definitely keep in mind the baby powder considering I have 2 containers of it in my cabinet that I don't use… should I be using it? Oh god I suck at being a man.

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