The Perfect Cup of Coffee

We love coffee.

If you remember, we’re even Starbucks supporters, especially when we find ways to bring down the cost.

But the least expensive (and in our opinion, the tastiest!) option is to brew your own coffee. Our lovely roommate Molly got us a shiny new teapot for Christmas, and we’re loving cold February mornings paired with homemade coffee made with our one-cup maker. You simply have to pour boiling water through.
You are welcome to brew however is easiest for you. We secretly dream of waking up to the smell of coffee. *Sigh, one day!
Here are a few tried and true tips to achieve the perfect cup of coffee:
1. Warm the milk first. Mmmmm…..
2. Buy more finely ground beans, or grind your own very finely. It’s a richer taste, and you use less because they yield a stronger brew.
3. If you’re making it with a one-cup maker, stir the grounds as you pour the boiling water through.
4. Add your own spices into the grounds. Cinnamon is a great add-in.
5. If you do get Starbucks to-go, wash out the cup when you get home so in the future you can use it as a disposable to-go cup if you’re running out the door.

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