Crack a Bottle

Last night Claudia attended a great Grammy’s get-together.
The Kissters go Gaga over house parties. Especially when they have a theme!
But when you live in NYC where the apartments are small you have got to be Fearless when throwing a party.
We thought we’d offer up a few tips on how to achieve an inexpensive, stress-free gathering.
1. Plan ahead. Arrange your apartment in a way that will fit the maximum amount of Single Ladies…even if this means using pillows on the floor as seats.
2. Use Somebody. Actually… use everybody. Have each guest bring something. Try to know ahead of time what each person is bringing. You can only have so many bottles of Three Buck Chuck.
3. Make snacks that don’t take a lot of time or call for a lot of ingredients; No Pudge Fudge has that special Boom Boom Pow… in your mouth!
4. Hot N Cold. If your place is small, open the windows before everyone arrives so it will stay cool even after the body heat starts to build.
5. Clean. Put away anything and everything that would get in the way of your company. Your Poker Face won’t give away that your dried out Christmas tree is hidden in the bathtub.
Go ahead and start planning your next party.
We Gotta Feeling you will have no trouble pulling it off!
(Grammy’s get-together 2010)

The E.N.D.

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