Happy Thanksgiving

During this day of giving thanks, we’d love to throw in a few more. We won’t necessarily mention these on our turn ’round the table, but came up with a few for the blog:

The Kissters are Thankful For:

Having the willpower to AVOID Black Friday. The stress of the crowds and the imposed scarcity marketing by the big stores make people buy more. We’ll start our Christmas shopping on Monday, thank you very much! (or, if you keep a gift book, you can do your holiday shopping all year round!)

Leftovers that will last us days. You definitely don’t have to go to the grocery store tomorrow! Note: pumpkin pie also serves as a wonderful breakfast food.

Amazing Hallmark movies that will also last us days. Taking Blockbuster off of the list of stores we’ll have to visit..

Each other. Two Kissters are better than one, especially when tag-teaming the long line at Trader Joe’s. CK waits in the 100 person line wrapped around the store upon entering, AK runs to and from the cart with deals in hand.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xxx, the Kissters.

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