Counting Cards

Skip sifting through Facebook’s free gifts only to leave a naked Troll on your friend’s wall for their special day. Sign, seal, and deliver your greeting. Sending an old fashioned card is etiquette that will make your mother proud.

A way to really show you care and to save money is to hand-make yours. Don’t worry if you haven’t been smoking the Martha Stewart crack. Read on, oh craftily-challenged one. We have a couple easy handmade card suggestions you can follow to send to your lover/friend/family before you’re asked if you’d like to add a stuffed monkey to your Hallmark card purchase.

All you need:

1. A concept. (duh) But try to keep this simple. See our card examples below.

2. Magazines, construction paper, old take-out menus, and/or copies of photos.

3. Card stock or heavier paper.

4. Glue, scissors, markers, etc.

5. Balls. Whatever you make will be special because it’s from you, so go crazy and get creative.

And if cutting out fun shapes from magazines and construction paper sounds more like a chore, check out Papyrus and Hallmark for one dollar cards!

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