C is for Cookie

It’s your best friend’s birthday, the annual office party, or your monthly book club meeting. You don’t have time to make your famous Snickerdoodle-Dandies from scratch; but aren’t so gauche as to arrive with a bag of Milanos under your arm.

We have a solution.
Buy a pack of Break N’ Bake cookies (for one-time cookie making, this is much cheaper than picking up all the ingredients.) Roll your own add-ins into the dough to make them ‘home-made.’
Trust us, your friends won’t know the difference! We like to roll them into smaller balls and bake the minimum amount of time on the package (usually 10 minutes) so that they stay nice and chewy in the middle. See suggestions below for great add-ins:
Dried cranberries and white chocolate chips
Semi-sweet chips and toasted pecans
Walnuts and caramel chips
Dark chocolate chunks and dried cherries
Recee’s Pieces and peanuts
The only thing hard about making these cookies is not eating all of the dough.

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