Such Great Heights

Upon returning home from work yesterday, I saw a beautiful young woman from my building dressed up for a night out. In her skinny high-heels, she teetered and tottered her way to the Subway…and this was only the beginning of her evening.

I began to wonder if it is better to walk gracefully in flats than to awkwardly stagger down the sidewalk in stilettos. Heels may look hot at home in front of the mirror, but walking with confidence and swagger in yo step trumps those platform pumps.

This post isn’t so much about footwear than it is dressing in what makes you comfortable. If you feel good in what you are wearing, you will carry yourself with poise.

And of course if you were born in heels- like Carrie Bradshaw- go for it! If you are like the rest of us, just be wary before subjecting yourself to high-heel humiliation. Practice walking in anything elevated.

Cause bitches, there ain’t nothing sexy ’bout a broken ankle.

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